Baby Shower Event Planning
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The RSVP Events believes that hosting a successful baby shower comes down to planning and organization. Our event planner can help you determine where and when you wish to hold your baby shower and help set up a fun baby shower within your budget.

Planning and hosting a successful baby shower can be a challenge in these busy times. Creating the initial guest list will help you get an idea of how many people will be ultimately be invited to the baby shower, which will help determine your baby shower budget.

The RSVP Events can then help you plan details, i.e. where and when to have the baby shower, what supplies are needed, and lodging, if necessary for out of towners.

We will also help you make sure you have up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for everyone. (We suggest you type out your guest list, including addresses and phone numbers.) You will then be able to use that guest list to keep track of RSVP's and use it to send Thank You cards after the successful and fun baby shower!

It is also a good idea to find out if the mommy-to-be is going to have other baby showers hosted for her by other family members or friends. We will coordinate with the other family members about the other baby shower dates and invite list to make sure that you do not invite people that are attending other baby showers unless you really want to.

The RSVP Events is committed to making sure your baby shower is organized and fun! We will help you stay in control during the baby shower and ensure that you and everyone else has a fun time!

Baby Shower Planning
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